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Service Fees


          It will forever be free to sign up as a member of Native4Rent and to use its services. The price you see as a Guest booking an Adventure is the price set by the Native and will be the price you will pay. Gratuity is always nice, but there are no additional taxes. No hidden fees. We will never try to upsell, but we can help you to rent or buy any equipment you may need for your Adventure.

          In order to operate the Native4Rent Platform and keep the lights on, we must charge some fees. However, we promise to adjust all fees lower as soon as possible while we reassess and grow, once we can afford an accountant or hire a CFO, and we will forever keep these as low as we can. We want to someday become a non-profit or public benefit corporation, and while our lawyers advised us to reserve any solid claims of promises of donations to Charity in our early stages still and only beginning to figure out the numbers, we want to give as much of it to Charity as we can. We are constantly dreaming of noble causes and ways to change the world for the better, and would love to hear your ideas and input!

          We currently charge a service fee for the Adventures offered calculated from the price the Native sets for their Adventure, the classification of the Native and type of Adventure. Natives will see the service fee when they set their price before submitting an Adventure. The service fee is automatically deducted from the payout to the Native. Natives that participate in Charitable or Non-Profit Adventures will have all fees waived.

          Please contact us or log in to view the service fees applicable to your account!


Seniors, Veterans, Caregivers and First Responders* get a 10% discount on their fees