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Professional Natives

A Professional Native has an existing business or already earned a living in their industry before joining Native4Rent and is licensed or certified to take you on the most incredible Adventures.

As Native4Rent is just beginning and growing, all Professional Natives that sign up before May will be eligible to do so for free. Beginning May 1st, the modest $25 yearly membership provides professionals with the added benefit of confidence among Guests when searching through the possible Picturing Adventures and extra advertising opportunities in partnership with Native4Rent.

Examples of Professional Natives and the kinds of Adventures they provide:

Professional Natives are experts, have businesses, licenses and certifications with years of credentials backing them up behind the various kinds of Adventures they offer and the extra exclusive Adventures demanding a pro.

Photographers, Ski Instructors, Back Country Survival/Avalanche Instructors, Snowmobile Guides, Skydiving Instructors, Flight Instructors, Outfitters, Driving Instructors and more!

Joe is a professional photographer. By offering photography (Picturing) Adventures with Native4Rent offering to take tourists to the best places and provide the highest-quality photo shoots, Joe’s business “Joe’s Photos” gets extra advertisement to the best demographics previously unconsidered, everyone.

Jon owns Powder Cowboy and wants to draw extra attention to the incredible opportunities provided to everyone snowmobiling. He just wants everyone to get out there and promote the exhilarating sport, and even though Jon is an expert photographer, he loves offering snowmobiling Adventures with Native4Rent. By adding Powder Cowboy to all of Jon’s adventures, Powder Cowboy gets an extra nod every time someone shows interest in snowmobiling, combining his passions and providing him a dream life.

To view a directory of the Professional Natives on Native4Rent, please sign up or login and visit our Professional Native Directory.