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Non-Profit Natives

Non-Profit Natives are Natives of any caliber quality that would like to offer their services for no charge. A great option for anyone looking to meet more people with similar passions, Museums, retirees or Professionals that would like to advertise on Native4Rent for free by offering the occasional pro-bono Adventure. 

Examples of Non-Profit Natives and the kinds of Adventures they provide:

Anyone can be a Non-Profit Native and provide any kind of a Non-Profit Adventure, provided it’s legal.

Jim just retired as an outfitter and loves to fish. He knows all the best ponds around and will take anyone fishing as it gives him an excuse to get out of the house. Jim’s friend told him about Native4Rent and he couldn’t excitedly post an Adventure soon enough as a fishing guide and angler assistant.

June is an aimless teenager looking for her place in life. She loves longboarding and doesn’t know where that will take her, but wants to get involved in the industry and begins by posting an Adventure taking others longboarding down the best hills around.

Patty likes to paint. She’ll paint with anyone anywhere and loves to teach others the art. With an endless imagination, Patty can provide Adventures painting in scenic locations for groups or private lessons for kids.

To view a directory of the Non-Profit Natives on Native4Rent, please sign up or login and visit our Non-Profit Native Directory.