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New Natives

A New Native can be anybody just starting out as a Native or looking to start doing something new for themselves by providing Adventures in their preferred field. New Natives provide some of the most inexpensive and most creative Adventures and ensure an exciting and worthwhile time. Whether a New Native has years of experience under their belt or just decided yesterday they want to start providing services, New Natives typically have less than twenty-five (25) successful Adventures under their belt on the Native4Rent platform, or less than ten (10) reviews from customers, and provide customers the opportunity of a satisfaction-guarantee by posting relevant information on their profile, linking to their facebook, twitter, instagram and linkedin to assure quality of character and necessary or applicable experience.

New Natives must hold licenses for certain Adventures that their local government may restrict, but otherwise, New Natives may or may not hold licensure or credentials. All Natives must have insurance before their first Adventure, in addition to The Native4Rent Guarantee and insurance options.

Examples of Professional Natives and the kinds of Adventures they provide:

New Natives are anyone of nearly any skill level and can offer nearly any kind of Adventure, but most typically are found offering Entertaining Adventures.

We could list a few various examples of the types of New Natives and Adventures they offer, but the list is literally infinite, so almost everyone and everything is a possibility with a New Native.

Little Johnny wants to start learning about photography and starts offering services on Native4Rent as a budding photographer willing to take pictures of people while hiking or snowboarding or as a tour guide taking tourists to the most iconic and photogenic places around.

Brad loves hiking and wants to hike all day every day. He knows of the best trails hardly anyone else frequents and knows of the most spectacular views. He loves helping people appreciate and get to know the place he’s called home and the incredible beauty it boasts. By signing up on Native4Rent and offering his services as a hiking Native, tourists and other locals alike can solicit his services to take them hiking in the best options around.

Natalie loves hiking and yoga and painting and decided she’d like to combine her passions and start offering an Adventure painting on the top of a mountain or yoga near unknown hot springs.

Janet is a paranormal investigator with years of experience and knowledge under her belt and would love to start offering a ghost hunting Adventure or a Haunted House tour.

James loves to cook and wants to cook others dinner in their home or provide a romantic picnic dinner.

To view a directory of the New Natives on Native4Rent, please sign up or login and visit our New Native Directory.