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According to Google, currently, “Native” is defined as,


“a person born in a specified place or associated with a place by birth, whether subsequently resident there or not; associated with the country, region; a local resident.”


Soon, when you Google “Native” there will be an additional definition,


“a selfless individual offering an educational, entertaining and/or exciting Adventure on Native4Rent.” 














Natives are some of the coolest people you will ever meet. They’re people just like you that love where they live and what they get to do – because they’re doing what they love. They’re passionate about sharing everything great about their life and educating everyone of the amazing and incredible things we know in this world. Natives know their home and can help tourists and travelers in a pinch or recommend the best opportunities to vacationers. Natives are the people you meet and immediately love, because you know they love life, love what they do and love to meet you as well. Natives are 100% absolutely guaranteed to be some of the nicest people you will ever meet, keen on working together to make the world a better place for all. If you feel you relate to this list and want to start offering the kinds of Adventures you already love to go on,

Apply to be a Native and join this proud and prestigious group of awesome individuals!

There’s a coming revolution with Aritificial Intelligence. You should sign up as a Native and then watch this video. Becoming a Native will be the answer for the “unemployable human.”

Natives range from everyday people to licensed and skilled experts. We have three main types of Natives, New, Notable and Knowledgeable; and three special types of Natives, Professional, Non-Profit and Charitable. Eventually, we may branch out from the Adventure Industry and offer Service Natives to help with any and all requests, but that is at least a year down the line. The first three types of Natives are the average Native you would think of when you think of Native4Rent, a normal, average person just like you hoping to provide you their services doing what they love. New, Notable and Knowledgeable are a sort of ranked tiers among Natives, with the New tag obviously associated to most as they start. A Notable Native is certified to be an awesome Adventure provider or submits an application to The N4R Team before awaiting reviews from customers demonstrating an exemplary status within their community or as an expert in their field. Knowledgeable Natives have been offering Adventures on Native4Rent for a while, they’re experts and instructors, have day jobs and used to have businesses doing what the activities associated with their Adventures, and they’re guaranteed to be able to teach you a new skill or provide background information about their town. Professional Natives currently have businesses in their fields and are also offering their services on Native4Rent, but get the added benefit of promoting their business as well. Non-Profit Natives provide Adventures at no cost, typically, they’re teenagers just starting out and learning a craft of their chosen profession or retirees looking to share their knowledge with tourists and their community. Charitable Natives offer Adventures that directly benefit a charity or charitable cause in their community and connect sponsors to events and organizations that change the world.

All New, Notable, Knowledgeable, Non-Profit and Charitable Natives that register in 2018 will be able to do so at no cost and will receive free membership for life. Non-Profit and Charitable Natives will forever be able to sign up for free and offer Adventures at no cost. Professional Natives that register by May will be able to do so for free, but will then be requested to pay a modest membership fee of $25 a year in order to receive the added benefits. In 2019, we project requesting a small signup fee and in 2020, a recurring annual membership fee of $20 to cover background checks and additional costs associated with a dream of a growing team and the inability for The N4R Team to reach out to each Native individually.

We hope to have 1,000 Natives on the Native4Rent network by the end of 2018, 10,000 by 2019, and one million by 2020. With the many awesome Natives, we hope to offer five times as many Adventures, and to provide the world with new options for fun, excitement and education sooner rather than later. An ambitious goal, we know, but with your help, we know it can happen.

New Natives

A New Native can be anybody just starting out as a Native or looking to start doing something new for themselves by providing Adventures in their preferred field. New Natives provide some of the most inexpensive and most creative Adventures and ensure an exciting and worthwhile time. Whether a New Native has years of experience under their belt or just decided yesterday they want to start providing services, New Natives typically have less than twenty-five (25) successful Adventures under their belt on the Native4Rent platform, or less than ten (10) reviews from customers, and provide customers the opportunity of a satisfaction-guarantee by posting relevant information on their profile, linking to their facebook, twitter, instagram and linkedin to assure quality of character and necessary or applicable experience.

New Natives must hold licenses for certain Adventures that their local government may restrict, but otherwise, New Natives may or may not hold licensure or credentials. All Natives must have insurance before their first Adventure, in addition to The Native4Rent Guarantee and insurance options.

Examples of Professional Natives and the kinds of Adventures they provide:

New Natives are anyone of nearly any skill level and can offer nearly any kind of Adventure, but most typically are found offering Entertaining Adventures.

We could list a few various examples of the types of New Natives and Adventures they offer, but the list is literally infinite, so almost everyone and everything is a possibility with a New Native.

Little Johnny wants to start learning about photography and starts offering services on Native4Rent as a budding photographer willing to take pictures of people while hiking or snowboarding or as a tour guide taking tourists to the most iconic and photogenic places around.

Brad loves hiking and wants to hike all day every day. He knows of the best trails hardly anyone else frequents and knows of the most spectacular views. He loves helping people appreciate and get to know the place he’s called home and the incredible beauty it boasts. By signing up on Native4Rent and offering his services as a hiking Native, tourists and other locals alike can solicit his services to take them hiking in the best options around.

Natalie loves hiking and yoga and painting and decided she’d like to combine her passions and start offering an Adventure painting on the top of a mountain or yoga near unknown hot springs.

Janet is a paranormal investigator with years of experience and knowledge under her belt and would love to start offering a ghost hunting Adventure or a Haunted House tour.

James loves to cook and wants to cook others dinner in their home or provide a romantic picnic dinner.

Notable Natives

A Notable Native has been offering their services as Adventures on Native4Rent for a while and has been reviewed more than ten times after twenty-five Adventures, or is a Photographer that has already made a name for themselves in their community and can provide some of the most prestigious Adventures. To qualify as a Notable Native before receiving the necessary ten reviews and twenty-five Adventures provided, their profile must be complete, providing guests plenty of information about who they’ll be renting, and must submit an application for approval from The N4R Team. The N4R Team will then contact the Notable Native to get to know them a little and confirm they are, in fact, capable of providing an incredible Adventure that needs to be highlighted above the rest for the world to see!

Examples of Notable Natives and the kinds of Adventures they provide:

Notable Natives can be nearly anyone that has proven or demonstrated an intricate familiarity and a mastery of the skills involved with the Adventures they offer, and are often found offering Exciting Adventures.

Rock climbing experts, photographers, marathon runners, unofficial experts, professional snowboarders, budding artists, local freelancers and anyone that can offer something a little more special than the run-of-the-mill Native.

Nancy is a well-known wedding photographer in her town. In fact, she’s the best one around. She loves hiking and biking and has thought to herself on dozens of occasions that she would someday love to get married in the incredible locations she stumbles into during her earlier years. Nancy has dedicated her life to providing brides and grooms the photos of their dreams and does an incredible job. However, Nancy doesn’t know how to make a website, let alone the first thing about SEO. When the people in her town want the best Photographer, but don’t want to trust the online forums or Google’s results, they’ll find her on Native4Rent, offering Wedding Photography Adventures – with a kick! Her future clients hadn’t ever considered getting married on Mt. Elbert! Thanks to Nancy’s connection, the most extreme wedding (with oxygen) is added to facebook profiles everywhere!

Knowledgeable Natives 

Knowledgeable Natives have years of experience, training, studying and teaching, are licensed or a certified specialist and love what they do. Until N4R has been around for at least five to ten years it doesn’t make sense to restrict or categorize this group of Natives to anyone based off the length of time they have been a registered Native, but Knowledgeable Natives are experts and can teach a skill or teach you about the geology, history, or biology of a region. 

Examples of Knowledgeable Natives and the kinds of Adventures they provide:

Knowledgeable Natives are experts and educators, doctors and thinkers, philosophers and dreamers, and while they often post Entertaining and Exciting Adventures, they are the lifeblood of the Educational Adventures on Native4Rent.

Erudites and educators, information and skills instructors, Knowledgeable Natives are very familiar and experienced with the Adventures they offer and can teach you something new or show you how to pick up a new hobby. From historians to geologists, biologists to backcountry survival skills instructors, snowmobilers to rock climbers, painters to yoga or fitness instructors,

They can teach math on the Monument, or Native American History – where it actually happened.

Archaeologists can offer Dinosauring Adventures to kids near Dinosaur Hill, and ham operators can offer Radioing Adventures introducing others to the art.

Emergency Medical Technicians or Scuba, Rock Climbing and Ski Instructors (and any other related professionals) are provided for extra safety or guidance on extreme Adventures like Skiing and 14ering.

Dr. Phil is a geologist. To say “he loves rocks” would be putting it lightly, both figuratively and literally, pun intended. Not only does Dr. Phil have a degree in geology, but he’s passionate about getting others interested in the excitement many don’t know rocks behold. Never before had Dr. Phil thought to use his love of rocks for anything other than repaying a massive student loan debt by trying to reach the bored college kids taking his class because they’re required to for their unrelated major. Never before had Dr. Phil thought he could start offering scenic road trips over the Rockies, giving the backstory behind the trip from Grand Junction to Denver. Never before had Dr. Phil considered others would actually genuinely love rocks as much as he does and hire him to teach them about their home, or about the region in which they’re vacationing. Now, Dr. Phil can offer hiking trips, rock collecting (Rocking) Adventures, and until student loans are a thing of the past, set the prices he needs to not only survive, but actually live.

Professional Natives

A Professional Native has an existing business or already earned a living in their industry before joining Native4Rent and is licensed or certified to take you on the most incredible Adventures.

As Native4Rent is just beginning and growing, all Professional Natives that sign up before May will be eligible to do so for free. Beginning May 1st, the modest $25 yearly membership provides professionals with the added benefit of confidence among Guests when searching through the possible Picturing Adventures and extra advertising opportunities in partnership with Native4Rent.

Examples of Professional Natives and the kinds of Adventures they provide:

Professional Natives are experts, have businesses, licenses and certifications with years of credentials backing them up behind the various kinds of Adventures they offer and the extra exclusive Adventures demanding a pro.

Photographers, Ski Instructors, Back Country Survival/Avalanche Instructors, Snowmobile Guides, Skydiving Instructors, Flight Instructors, Outfitters, Driving Instructors and more!

Joe is a professional photographer. By offering photography (Picturing) Adventures with Native4Rent offering to take tourists to the best places and provide the highest-quality photo shoots, Joe’s business “Joe’s Photos” gets extra advertisement to the best demographics previously unconsidered, everyone.

Jon owns Powder Cowboy and wants to draw extra attention to the incredible opportunities provided to everyone snowmobiling. He just wants everyone to get out there and promote the exhilarating sport, and even though Jon is an expert photographer, he loves offering snowmobiling Adventures with Native4Rent. By adding Powder Cowboy to all of Jon’s adventures, Powder Cowboy gets an extra nod every time someone shows interest in snowmobiling, combining his passions and providing him a dream life.

Non-Profit Natives

Non-Profit Natives are Natives of any caliber quality that would like to offer their services for no charge. A great option for anyone looking to meet more people with similar passions, Museums, retirees or Professionals that would like to advertise on Native4Rent for free by offering the occasional pro-bono Adventure. 

Examples of Non-Profit Natives and the kinds of Adventures they provide:

Anyone can be a Non-Profit Native and provide any kind of a Non-Profit Adventure, provided it’s legal.

Jim just retired as an outfitter and loves to fish. He knows all the best ponds around and will take anyone fishing as it gives him an excuse to get out of the house. Jim’s friend told him about Native4Rent and he couldn’t excitedly post an Adventure soon enough as a fishing guide and angler assistant.

June is an aimless teenager looking for her place in life. She loves longboarding and doesn’t know where that will take her, but wants to get involved in the industry and begins by posting an Adventure taking others longboarding down the best hills around.

Patty likes to paint. She’ll paint with anyone anywhere and loves to teach others the art. With an endless imagination, Patty can provide Adventures painting in scenic locations for groups or private lessons for kids.

Charitable Natives

A Charitable Native would be anyone that is offering an Adventure that directly benefits a charity or the community. An example of a Charitable Native would be a teenager or professional wanting to make a difference by offering an Adventure that would otherwise not work out financially. The Native4Rent platform brings everyone together, so the sponsors looking to give back to their community that would otherwise not know to find you, or to think of the opportunities to donate that you wished they would, can find you and support your cause. If you want to make a difference in your community, post it on our platform and maybe your local car dealership could see it, or someone else entirely unrelated and previously unconsidered, and by throwing the sponsor a nod and acknowledging their contributions, together, you can make the world a better place! Native4Rent brings everyone together so that sponsors are able to see the causes those in their community would like to see supported and make dreams come true.

Examples of Charitable Natives and the kinds of Adventures they provide:

Anyone and any Adventure, the possibilities are endless as long as it is for a charitable cause.

Cody is a professional hockey player that would like to teach kids to skate. So he imagined hosting an event at his local ice rink, contacted them to ask if they would like to work with him or would offer either discounted or free admission for any kids, accounted for the kids, priced out rentals, factored in compensation for his time, threw in all other costs associated with the event such as snacks or insurance, and posted his Adventure! An Adventure could be something like a “School Skate Night!” where he (and his friends or team) have the dream of teaching 50-100 kids to skate. His local hockey or ice skating merchants may like to have the ability to advertise on the radio that they are helping their community by sponsoring the event, or that a construction company is working to keep kids out of trouble! 

Jamie loves painting and pottery so much, she started a business offering customers the opportunity to paint or work with clay in her store. Her business can host an open paint night for kids, offer a free painting night and advertise her business for free while doing so much good for everyone.