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Knowledgeable Natives 

Knowledgeable Natives have years of experience, training, studying and teaching, are licensed or a certified specialist and love what they do. Until N4R has been around for at least five to ten years it doesn’t make sense to restrict or categorize this group of Natives to anyone based off the length of time they have been a registered Native, but Knowledgeable Natives are experts and can teach a skill or teach you about the geology, history, or biology of a region. 

Examples of Knowledgeable Natives and the kinds of Adventures they provide:

Knowledgeable Natives are experts and educators, doctors and thinkers, philosophers and dreamers, and while they often post Entertaining and Exciting Adventures, they are the lifeblood of the Educational Adventures on Native4Rent.

Erudites and educators, information and skills instructors, Knowledgeable Natives are very familiar and experienced with the Adventures they offer and can teach you something new or show you how to pick up a new hobby. From historians to geologists, biologists to backcountry survival skills instructors, snowmobilers to rock climbers, painters to yoga or fitness instructors,

They can teach math on the Monument, or Native American History – where it actually happened.

Archaeologists can offer Dinosauring Adventures to kids near Dinosaur Hill, and ham operators can offer Radioing Adventures introducing others to the art.

Emergency Medical Technicians or Scuba, Rock Climbing and Ski Instructors (and any other related professionals) are provided for extra safety or guidance on extreme Adventures like Skiing and 14ering.

Dr. Phil is a geologist. To say “he loves rocks” would be putting it lightly, both figuratively and literally, pun intended. Not only does Dr. Phil have a degree in geology, but he’s passionate about getting others interested in the excitement many don’t know rocks behold. Never before had Dr. Phil thought to use his love of rocks for anything other than repaying a massive student loan debt by trying to reach the bored college kids taking his class because they’re required to for their unrelated major. Never before had Dr. Phil thought he could start offering scenic road trips over the Rockies, giving the backstory behind the trip from Grand Junction to Denver. Never before had Dr. Phil considered others would actually genuinely love rocks as much as he does and hire him to teach them about their home, or about the region in which they’re vacationing. Now, Dr. Phil can offer hiking trips, rock collecting (Rocking) Adventures, and until student loans are a thing of the past, set the prices he needs to not only survive, but actually live.

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