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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who can use N4R?

Everyone! Whether you’re in a new place and would like to find someone to show you around, or you’re a Native and know your home well, this is a place for you!

Why sign up?

When you sign up as a Member of Native4Rent, you’ll get a promo code to use in our shop, special discounts and exclusive offers for Member-Only Adventures, (hopefully) future birthday presents, and Native Tokens (a cryptocurrency we’re working on providing you)!

You can become a Native and begin posting your Adventures and offering your services.

You can also register as an Affiliate and get a unique link you may use to advertise Native4Rent or send to your friends and family that gives each of you up to $25 towards your next Adventure and up to 5% of any earnings should they sign up as a Native, or 10% of all expenditures if they sign up as a Member.

You may also sign up to be a Native Vendor and upload designs for products or import your entire e-store! You can set and control all prices, coupon codes, stock and sales!

Can I become a Native?


Nobody can tell you that you can’t do something for someone else, unless it’s that someone leaving you a bad review after an Adventure, or if it’s potentially dangerous or regulated by your local Regulations Agency. Native4Rent is such a great place because of all the great people that love helping others, so we love and accept all Native Registrations, but may restrict you to certain Adventures based off your experience or licensure. For instance, you must have an Outfitters’ Permit in the State of Colorado to assist anyone in any way in order to harvest game, so you are prevented from offering any Fishing Adventures without such permit.

While anyone may sign up as a New Native, becoming a Notable Native is a title you may earn after twenty-five (25) Adventures or ten (10) reviews, and Knowledgeable Native is a term restricted to the experts, the professors, guides, instructors and teachers. Professional Natives are required to have any necessary license(s), permit(s) and/or insurance policy, and may also be restricted to those with an EIN, in order to ensure the highest level of trust, safety, and professionalism.

Anyone may be a Charitable or Non-Profit Native, but Senior Natives are restricted to those with over two decades in their hometown, and Veteran Natives are restricted to active and retired members of the Military.

What do I get when I purchase an Adventure?

Depending on the Adventure you select, you may be booking a single and quick trip, hiring a Native by the hour, or signing up for an extensive, multi-day Adventure. If the Native has allowed for automatic registration, you will be good to go right away, but if the Native (or Native4Rent) requires pre-approval, you will hear from the Native or Native4Rent shortly to solidify your booking and to go over any pertinent details regarding your Adventure.

Once the day of your Adventure arrives, make sure you have the necessary equipment or proper clothing, then simply show up wherever you planned on meeting the Native and begin having fun!

Does Native4Rent provide insurance?

Not at this time, but we are going to very soon! 

Travel Insurance is always a good idea…

Who is ultimately liable?

By using Native4Rent, you are liable for everything you do.

If you are a Guest participating in an Adventure, you are ultimately responsible for assessing the safety of the Adventure before, and while you participate.

If you are a Native, while you are ethically and morally responsible for the safety of all involved with every Adventure you provide, it is ultimately each person’s own responsibility for their safety, and everyone agrees to the Liability Waiver and Guest Release by using Native4Rent.

Native4Rent, Ltd. is not involved in any Adventure and is not liable for any harm, injuries, damages or any other suboptimal outcomes from any services provided. Native4Rent simply provides the website and application and does not endorse or guarantee the credibility or safety of any Native or Adventure on The Platform.

It is ultimately your responsibility to make sure you stay safe!

How do I post an Adventure?

Via the Native Dashboard, you may find a tutorial.

Does Native4Rent provide any Adventures?

Not yet. We hope to unveil a “Native Concierge” in 2019, but the details are a secret.

Can I Invest?

Absolutely! Please get in touch with us and allow us to introduce ourselves!

Does it cost anything?

 It is, and forever will be 100% free for everyone to use Native4Rent.

You will never be charged any upfront costs and you will never see any hidden fees or charges. All of this is made possible by taking a very small percentage of the price of the Adventures set by New, Notable and Knowledgeable Natives (and Professional Natives that sign up after May 1st), but all Natives will see everything before they set prices and can adjust accordingly.

Adventures range from free in the form of Non-Profit or Charitable Adventures such as a hike or Wounded Warrior hunt to deluxe and luxurious Adventures such as an Antarctica Expedition, Fighter Jet Flight, or Spacewalk. Prices are set by the Natives and do not include gratuity. If your Native does a great job and you’d like to tip them, you may do so in person with cash, via square and the cash app, or on this page.

In our Shop, we have a bunch of different merchandise for sale at various prices, and many of the items for sale are designed by users like you and profits are shared with them! We only sell t-shirts and stickers and the kinds of stuff we wish we could buy for ourselves, and seek not to sell anything to anyone, but you help to support our cause when you peruse our online store to see if anything catches your eye, and we really want to thank you!

In the beginning, we simply ask for your support. If you’d like to back us and donate a little, we’d really love you, but any advice, suggestions, feedback, thoughts or comments help tremendously as well!

Are Natives Contractors or Employees?

Natives are Independent Contractors and are in no way associated with, employed or endorsed by Native4Rent. What that means is Natives are not told what, when, or how to do what they want to do. Natives receive no direction from The N4R Team, allow for themselves to be booked only when they want, and have confirmation powers before committing to any booking. You can sign up to be a Native for one hike a year or to fly fish full-time!

For Natives, that also means you’re responsible for taxes and complying with your local laws. Depending on where you are, you may not automatically get unemployment insurance or worker’s compensation from Native4Rent, and you can’t hold Native4Rent responsible for any unforeseen problems or issues. By signing up to be a Native, you’re also consenting to allow Native4Rent to run a background check (should they be required to do so according to your location). Natives are paid instantly in some cases, or biweekly at the latest, and are paid via paypal, stripe, google, apple, facebook, amazon, square cash, zellevenmo. bitcoin, ripple, litecoin, ethereum, or any other payment methods preferred. The N4R Team will always be happy to help you immediately with any requests.

Natives are people using the internet to let you know they’re someone you can count on to help or show you a good time. They’re responsible for what they say, what they do, and what they charge.

What's the difference between The N4R Team and Natives?

The N4R Team is the core team of individuals behind Native4Rent, Ltd., the people that wrote these words and built The Platform. The N4R Team are employees.

Natives provide independent services varying from Adventure Services, to advertising the platform, to uploading products in The N4R Shop. Natives are Independent Contractors.

What's with the "4Rent" part?

By “4Rent” we mean Natives available for rent. You can hire a Native to accompany you on a skiing trip, to the skies, to the museum, or have a Native take you somewhere awesome!

The possibilities are endless, and you get to rent them and all their infinite knowledge and familiarity with their hometown!

Does Native4Rent have a Special Use Permit?

Nope, but some of our Natives do…

We’ve met with a few BLM agents and discussed our idea with many representatives of many agencies. We’ve read thousands of pages of the CRS and the US Constitution, along with hundreds or thousands of hours on the BLM and USFS’s websites. We’ve talked with dozens of lawyers and even more with opinions on the matter. From the collective knowledge bestowed upon us, it is our interpretation that in order to offer any hiking services on public land, rafting services (and probably appropriately so) and many other “commercial operations” on public land. In order for Natives to offer the Hiking Adventure, they must hold a Special Use Permit individually. Native4Rent may not hold the permit as an umbrella for all Natives, yet.

We think that’s a stupid, antiquated structure. We think the public should be able to use their land. To share. For everyone.

Of course, hunting, rafting and other dangerous Adventures should be restricted to the qualified and safe Natives. Of course, all Natives should respect the Earth and provide the safest Adventure as is possible within their means. Of course, the government should get their cut, and of course, currently operating Outfitters, Guides and Special Use Permit holders should not be hurt or see their business disrupted by the general public running all over their operations all willy-nilly.

However, we believe the BLM should drop their current Special Use Permit model and should open public lands for use by public everywhere, and tax Native4Rent and our “competitors” comparable in its place. We believe that everyone would win so much more if the government were to get a portion of all sales of all Adventures on The Platform. We believe that if we were to give the government more than their fair share for the efforts they provide to sustaining and regulating our public lands. We believe we should double their share. We believe we should donate just as much as everything the government takes from Native4Rent in the future to conservation agencies, such as Ducks Unlimited and Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. We believe that this world is way too big to not share, and we believe our idea and mission may allow for a win-win-win-win-win all around.

So to wrap up this ramble, Native4Rent holds no permits, but its awesome Natives do.

Does Native4Rent have an Outfitters' Permit?

Native4Rent, Ltd. does not hold any permits, and does not provide any Adventures requiring a permit. Native4Rent is simply a marketplace in which those with the proper permits may offer the awesome Adventures they’re already offering on their websites, or by word of mouth. Native4Rent is simply a connection between guests looking to find an Adventure and those that can offer that Adventure. Outfitters aren’t professional web developers or SEO experts, they’re professional hunters. And even if they are also a professional techy, they can never have enough advertising, and our “customers” can never have enough options for Adventure providers, so it’s a win-win-win for everyone.

What is a Native Affiliate?

A Native Affiliate is someone that registers with us to get a unique link that they may use to track registrations. Anyone to signup with the unique link will receive up to $25 towards their first Adventure, as will the Affiliate. The Affiliate will also earn up to 5% of all earnings if they sign up as a Native, or up to 10% of all proceeds from any Adventures booked.

Is Native4Rent affiliated with Native Americans?

Not necessarily. Native Americans are as welcomed to sign up and register as a Native as everyone else, but “Natives” bear no relation to Native Americans. We respect everything and everyone, we come in peace and apologize if you feel offended in any way. Remember, life’s great and too short to be unhappy, smile! We hope to soon be able to afford donations to all Tribes, and partnerships for economic development on any Reservations, respectfully permitting.

By “Native” we mean to reference our we’re all Native to somewhere. According to Google, Native is defined as “a person born in a specified place or associated with a place by birth, whether subsequently resident there or not.”


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