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Charitable Natives

A Charitable Native would be anyone that is offering an Adventure that directly benefits a charity or the community. An example of a Charitable Native would be a teenager or professional wanting to make a difference by offering an Adventure that would otherwise not work out financially. The Native4Rent platform brings everyone together, so the sponsors looking to give back to their community that would otherwise not know to find you, or to think of the opportunities to donate that you wished they would, can find you and support your cause. If you want to make a difference in your community, post it on our platform and maybe your local car dealership could see it, or someone else entirely unrelated and previously unconsidered, and by throwing the sponsor a nod and acknowledging their contributions, together, you can make the world a better place! Native4Rent brings everyone together so that sponsors are able to see the causes those in their community would like to see supported and make dreams come true.

Examples of Charitable Natives and the kinds of Adventures they provide:

Anyone and any Adventure, the possibilities are endless as long as it is for a charitable cause.

Cody is a professional hockey player that would like to teach kids to skate. So he imagined hosting an event at his local ice rink, contacted them to ask if they would like to work with him or would offer either discounted or free admission for any kids, accounted for the kids, priced out rentals, factored in compensation for his time, threw in all other costs associated with the event such as snacks or insurance, and posted his Adventure! An Adventure could be something like a “School Skate Night!” where he (and his friends or team) have the dream of teaching 50-100 kids to skate. His local hockey or ice skating merchants may like to have the ability to advertise on the radio that they are helping their community by sponsoring the event, or that a construction company is working to keep kids out of trouble! 

Jamie loves painting and pottery so much, she started a business offering customers the opportunity to paint or work with clay in her store. Her business can host an open paint night for kids, offer a free painting night and advertise her business for free while doing so much good for everyone.

Charitable Natives will be listed here for all to see, once some sign up