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No matter what you love or have to share, N4R makes it easy for you to receive payment for your passions and reach millions of travelers looking for a unique Adventure, just like yours!


With N4R, you’re in complete control of when you work, what you do, where you do it, with whom you do it, and how you interact with your Guests. You have full access to all your info and Adventures!


N4R offers resources, local tips, support, and an online community of helpful Natives that can answer all of your questions and sharing ideas to success. Join the awesome community of Natives today!

Becoming a Native is only the beginning of your Adventure!


Click here to apply to be a Native

When you sign up as a Native, you not only immediately begin helping yourself, but many others as well!

There is a world of people out there that would love to rent you for the services you not only can provide, but for the activities, knowledge, skills, and hobbies you’re passionate about and love to do! Tourists often don’t know what to do, or blindly follow the advice on travel sites; they often miss out on the best activities, the best hikes, the best places to eat, and the best our home has to offer. You can make sure travelers remember your home for being as great as it is by showing them the best around, showing them how fun the Natives are, and how the Natives like to Adventure. It’s a win-win for everyone as not only do you generate the biggest smiles ever, but you get to do what you love and pay the bills or earn a little extra doing what you already do!

The possibilities are practically endless for the various kinds of Adventures you can offer, limited only by the law. For example, you may need a license or permit to offer food, alcohol, cannabis, transport someone, and in Colorado, if you wanted to offer a Hunting or Fishing Adventure, according to CRS § 12-55.5, you need to be a registered Outfitter. However, if your local laws accommodate for you to start your hiking career, lead a yoga or knitting group on top of a mountain, or show others how to snowboard, then you’re able to get started today!

As a Native, you’re an Independent Contractor, not an employee.

That means you do what you want, how you want, when you want, with whom you want, and for how much you want.

You’re not signing up to restrictions and obligations. You’re in complete control.


There are six different types of Natives, so no matter what you want to do or how experienced you are, there’s a group for you!


For the average person, after signing up you are labeled a New Native. This classification of Native entails most everyone just starting out on the Native4Rent platform and can either be anyone from a teenager just starting out in the industry looking to gain experience or a long-time member of their industry plenty qualified for any Adventure. For consumers of any Native4Rent services, confidence among the New Natives will be derived by completing profiles to the fullest and any reviews customers leave for their Native.

Once you successfully complete 25 Adventures and get ten reviews from your clients, or if you express an interest in immediately attaining this status and can demonstrate your expertise during the application, you become a Notable Native. With this status comes the certainty for the Guest that you know what you’re doing, you’re known in the community as a contribution to society, you’re established in your industry and qualified with plenty of experience with the Adventures you offer. For Natives offering many adventures, this will be the most common and highest level they can reach and indicates they’re capable of offering the best possible experience for the client without having had specialized training or education in the subject.

If you have a degree or are a skilled professional in your field qualified of instructing guests of the history, flora/fauna, geology, etc. of your region or teach them a new skill, you are considered a Knowledgeable Native. With this classification comes the certainty you know better than anyone else around, you’re an expert in your field, and the best person anyone could hope to find to teach them a new or extreme skill.

For business owners and license holders, we have a Professional Native status that instills confidence in the consumer they’re renting the best. This classification ensures the Native has proper skills, training, experience, licensure, certifications, and insurance for their Adventure. Professional Natives will be a group of Snowmobiling, Hunting/Fishing, Rock Climbing, Sky Diving, Flying and certain Skiing and Golfing Adventures, as the more skill-intensive and extreme Adventures require special considerations for safety. Sign up before May 1st to get all fees waived for life!

Additionally, you can elect to be a Non-Profit Native if you wish to post any Adventures at no cost to members of N4R, a great option for retirees or anyone looking to meet new people or volunteer their time, or if you are passionate about making a change in your community and want to post an Adventure directly benefiting a charity or charitable cause, you can classify yourself as a Charitable Native. Charitable Natives can be anyone that has a dream for bringing a positive change to their community by either creating an Adventure for a charity, or an Adventure that benefits a charity. For example, if you like to paint and have a painting studio, you can post a “Painting for Kids Adventure” where kids don’t need to pay to paint on a certain day, or, if you want to take kids to your local ice rink and teach them to skate you may post a Skating Adventure and the cost associated, and someone completely unrelated and unconsidered like your local car dealership could sponsor your event and give back to their community, and by signing up as a Non-Profit Native or Charitable Native, you can also get free advertisement for your business!

As a Native, you are the top priority of The N4R Team, and we’ll help you however we can! The N4R Team can add new pages at your request, walk you through adding your own Adventures to our platform and help you with any questions you may have! Feel free to send us your thoughts, questions, or ideas, and thanks for your interest in signing up to be a Native!