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Native4Rent is inspiring...



1. New and easy options for awesome and exciting Adventures for everyone, everywhere.

2. A new way for anyone to earn an income sharing their time, expertise and passions.

3. A better world for everyone, everywhere, in every way possible, together.


This is the start to a revolution in life.

N4R is for you.

You inspire and motivate us. You are the reason for all of this. You rock!


          Native4Rent is a new idea for everyone that likes having fun, learning new skills and getting a dose of adrenaline. With dreams of changing the world and making tomorrow a better place, we’re trying to not only bring a convenience and simplicity to having fun, to finding the best opportunities while traveling, but to also create new “jobs” for everyone doing what they love. Constrained only to the antiquated local laws that are quickly changing thanks to the sharing industry, we provide the ability for anyone to become a professional food-challenge companion, snowboarder, hiker, painting partner, photographer, geologist, historian, geocacher, birdwatcher, ghost hunter, navigator, pilot, sailor, Jeeper… Really, the list is endless!  


          The philanthropic idea behind Native4Rent is that it is a cooperative that needs your help to change the world.  Everything you see before you is possible only because of the inspiration you and the many others listed on our acknowledgments page provide, however, it is to many of Einstein’s quotes the inspiration for Native4Rent is also due, and we’d like to share them with you,


 Only a life lived in the service to others is worth living.

“Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.”

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

“Everyone is a genius. But if you were to judge a goldfish on its ability to climb a tree it would live its whole life believing it is stupid.”

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, all there ever will be to know and understand.”


          We believe he was on to something. We as human beings are here to help one another to enjoy the world and the short time we’re each afforded to the fullest extent possible. Maybe that’s why it seems the most meaningful moments in life are those when you’re being mindful in the present moment, doing something you love, with people you love, teaching them to also love what you love. Life isn’t meant to be spent working medicated in a cubicle; it’s meant for exploration, traveling, learning, adventures, adrenaline, happiness and sharing what we love with others. Native4Rent is here to bring us all together so we can all love life more. When you’re sharing your knowledge with others eager to learn, when you’re doing what you love with someone else that also loves doing what you love with you, there’s almost so much love to go around it’s tangible.


           We’ve been reading in Forbes and Time millennials are getting the blame for a lot, but they’re also getting blamed for being more “experience-focused,” more intent on traveling rather than chasing the newest iWhatever, less concerned with work and more focused on loving life. They say money doesn’t buy happiness, but can’t money well spent, money invested in yourself, money directly put towards your happiness maybe actually buy a little bit of happiness? Watch People are Awesome videos, or people doing incredible things like climbing Capitol Peak or flying in a squirrel suit, and you won’t see any of them looking sad. And then, by seeing all the available options and all the prices of all various Adventure packages set and averaged by every person in the area willing to offer Adventures, you can rest assured you’re getting the best bang for your buck when you’re on a budget or know you’re getting the most incredible dream vacation imaginable when you’re looking to splurge. When you get to put your money towards your happiness and also know you’re saving the most amount of your money and getting the best value at the same time, you can be really happy. Then, when you’ve forgotten all about money because you’re having so much fun on the Adventure, you can be really, really happy.


           It’s our prime objective to help make a positive change in this world in every way possible. We care more about you and listening to what you have to say than anything else in life. In fact, we not only listen, we reward any and all feedback or suggestions with anywhere between 20% off an item in our shop to an all-expenses-paid vacation!  We will never stop seeking to improve the way we can help make your life better. Please feel invited to be as large a part of this as you’d like, and know we value your input more than anything. Native4Rent is a canvas for you to use, at your disposal and just asking for you to paint your masterpiece.

N4R is for You.


Thank you for making this world awesome and life worth living.


 Native4Rent, Ltd. was established in Colorado on 1/8/18… 

         …because the economy, IRS and CRS require Native4Rent consider itself a company. However, we’re not a company. We have no customers or competitors, only friends and collaborative partners. We aren’t here to take your money or sell you anything. Native4Rent is a platform built in the sharing economy, a new tool for you to use to provide an open door to new Adventures and a new way of life, a better and more exciting life. Native4Rent is a place where you can create the opportunity to do what you love in life and share your time and passions. No longer are you constrained to earning an income by sharing just your possessions, or working a dreadful job.

          While the idea sounded nice at first, we’ll admit, it didn’t seem to be a viable possibility for anyone… for a very long time. We thought, too, that we all must work at our job to be able to afford to go on Adventures, and that our jobs were a requirement for living life the way we want; we thought nobody would want to pay anyone else to live the way we’d all want when we’re all just struggling to get by in the first place. However, once we started reading that Artificial Intelligence may replace up to 70% of the current jobs, 65% of students entering Elementary School will enter into a career field that has yet to be created, and cryptocurrency and the sharing economy are helping to end global poverty, we felt we had found our calling.

          We’re beginning to experience a movement of historic proportions; “the future” is quickly approaching. The impending revolution will demand a radical solution, a solution that rethinks the entire essence and beliefs of how life should be lived, and it was then that the dream became a vision. We foresaw a world in which we all paid each other for the fun and the special skills and knowledge we can provide one another as opposed to stocking shelves, serving food or driving vehicles. There will be so many humans displaced by technology, and we hope to help prevent that, to provide opportunities for all generations, all skills, all people, and to be a transition to the future for everyone. 

          Our forefathers and predecessors were called “Disruptive Tech Companies.” While we’re incredibly grateful for all they’ve done, we recognize a few differences, besides the mountains, and living 1,000 miles apart. They sought to make billions whatever means necessary and call themselves “Unicorns.” We can’t really relate, and thanks to a Medium article, we realized, it’s because we want to be Zebras. We don’t care about the numbers after the “$” nearly as much as we care about you and making the world a better place tomorrow, working together with everyone to promote this industry for all, to provide this dream to everyone everywhere, to get people outside and more active, and to create more happiness. We thought we might be someday labeled a “Disruptive Tech Company” as well, until we heard Jeff Bezos speak, and were humbled. Natural Selection is disruptive. We’ll never be disruptive, only constructive. This is humanity’s solution to evolution’s impending disruption.

From the bottoms of the hearts of everyone associated with Native4Rent (the future Constructive Tech Zebra), thank you so much for your contribution to this wonderful world!

Our mission is to connect everyone with Natives,

open the doors to new and amazing Adventures,

facilitate more fun and excitement,

provide new and alternative income opportunities

and change the way we’ve previously thought of life

in order to create a happier future for all.

Isn’t it quite inspiring that while a canvas may be blank, it’s also white, which is all the colors at once?

That’s our culture.

We’re everything, yet we’re nothing. Yet…

We’re a lump of clay, moldable to your dreams.

Our culture is a blank canvas, and we’re looking for our Bob Ross, we’d love to have you join us and begin building our culture together!

We hope to be on the list of best employers in the world in a decade, with the best team of employees of any company. We really respect everyone in this world.

We hope to change the world for the better in every possible way. We seek to join the efforts to provide the internet to more of the world, and we seek to arm those new internet users with the powers to earn a new income – an income they can live on. We hope to assist as many people as possible to no longer feel as though they’re only treading water or barely staying afloat with living expenses.

We hope to have the most respected culture for everyone with the awesome Native4Rent Community we’re building, and we want to be the largest provider of Adventures. We want “N4R” to be associated with the most fun ever possible. We want to open up the world to the amusement park it already is…

The N4R Team will hopefully be the most respected group of employees of any company on the Fortune 500 and Inc 5000, and the Natives will be some of the proudest group of incredible individuals worldwide.

We hope to develop relationships with photographers and bloggers worldwide to not only work with them and spotlight their efforts, but to spread awareness of the incredible opportunities available to all of us everywhere!

We hope to bring the next fronteer of industry and economy to the world, to bring the ability to earn an income to everyone everywhere!

We seek to be Nationwide by the end of 2018 and Worldwide by 2019. It’d be a dream to provide services during the 2020 Tokyo and ’22 Beijing Olympics.

We will facilitate more than one million Adventures within the next five years.

Within a decade, we seek to have over a billion members and more than ten million Adventures provided by over a million Natives in 200 countries and 2,000 cities, with a support team of 5,000 employees in Colorado.

We seek to ultimately incorporate as a Public Benefit Company or Cooperative entity and give more than 10% of all proceeds to charity. We hope to give St. Jude’s and other noble charities all the money they need.

Native4Rent, Ltd. organized in Colorado on January 8th, 2018 as a limited liability corporation. Tentatively on April 1st, we will incorporate as a Colorado Corporation or a PBC. While in the initial, Limited Stage, we’re looking for the right growth hacker, marketer, developer, customer service representative and store manager to build The N4R Team, we’re growing user base, developing relationships with Natives, and building the website and app.

We’re also hoping to find Business Advisors and Investors that would help bring us into the next stage as Native4Rent, Inc., a full-fledged global platform. As a proud Colorado company and proud supporter of the American Government, we plan on staying in Colorado and subjecting ourselves to all taxes resulting from not practicing the common tax-evasion schemes of other corporations.

Ultimately, we seek to maintain our commitment to investors while reorganizing as a Non-Profit, PBC or Coop and/or going public. If that’s a possibility as a PBC? Who knows, or cares, even, at this point? We’re not out to make ourselves rich, and we don’t want investors that want to invest in us purely because of any monetary potential we may present. We’re out to make the world a better place.

If you’re interested in speaking with The N4R Team, please call, text, message, visit our contact page or send the founder an email.

Besides Cryptocurrency and Artificial Intelligence, Space is becoming a huge frontier for our generations, and we seek to partner with the frontrunners and provide private space flight as soon as possible.

In addition to Blue Orbit, OpenAI and SpaceX, we’d love to work with Neuralink and provide the next generation of technological interactions and interfaces.

Besides working on N4R, we’re dreaming of a few additional projects:

A secure password bank that automatically updates and randomizes passwords with assistance from the blockchain.

Acadaemiorum, a forum for the forefront of researchers and developers to interact with an intelligent pool of upcoming candidates to inspire new discoveries and ideas for topics of research and solutions. Kind of turn what N4R is trying to do for traveling and entertainment and apply it to the academic field to facilitate faster and more directly channeled communication rather than spread across the directory of the entire world web.

Something like WUFF from The Office, a better way for all of us to communicate with one another.

From the Medium article, Zebras Fix What Unicorns Break:

I dig it!! Kind of brilliant actually. Keeps us grounded, connected and humbled in sense. But what got me was how it promotes true knowledge, something that I believe is highly taken for granted and unacknowledged these days. I’d guide a hunt, hike or fantasy camping excursions! My mother as a paranormal investigator possibly… ghost tours.
The ideas are endless. Absolutely love it. ✌❤

I’d love to have someone I could trust everywhere I go! Someone that I could count on to watch my kids, show me around, find me and come pick me up when I’m lost, entertain the family, take us out into the mountains, camping or horseback riding, cook, and whatever else I need! Nicole

I really wish there were an app or a website where we could go to rent a Native. That’d be awesome if we could just rent a mountain guide. Not like a certified, expensive, professional mountain guide, just someone that could walk with us to the top and make sure we don’t get ourselves lost. Then, back down and to the best restaurant in town!

Nice Elderly Couple from Missouri on Mt. Yale